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Science Pub Night

In collaboration with Captain Fatty's Brewery in Goleta, Gab has launched the "Science Pub Night" as a way for UCSB scientists to discuss their research with the broader public, all in a very friendly atmosphere. Science Pub Nights occur once a month during the academic year. Visit Captain Fatty's for more information.

Mellichamp Academic Initiative in Sustainability

Several group members, as well as Gab, are active participants of the Mellichamp Academic Initiative in Sustainability. This initiative is centered on integrating sustainability principles in research endeavors across the chemical sciences and engineering at UCSB. Over the summers, several graduate students have received Mellichamp Sustainability Fellowships for collaborative research in the area of chemical sustainability. As a participant, Gab has also invited world-renowned leaders in the field, as well as played an organizational role for the "Renewable Carbon Workshop" held in 2016

SoCal Organometallics

The group participates and, most recently, organized the SoCal Organometallics meeting held at UCSB. The biannual meetings occur at alternating Southern California universities, is entirely student driven, and is an excellent opportunity to discuss ideas and science and build potential new collaborations amongst peers. Visit the SCOM website for more information.


SIMS is an immersive 2-week program designed for incoming freshmen. The goals are three-fold: introduce them to academic research; prepare them for the rigors of a 4-year university degree, and; help them develop as professionals. During this time, they attain skills that include group work and public speaking skills. Our group participated these past 3 years and remains a strong proponent of its overall mission.

Science as a Career Outreach Project Experiment

SCOPE (Science as a Career Outreach Project Experiment) is a program designed to educate high school science students about studying science in graduate school. The two focal points are to inform the students of this possible opportunity, as well as to inspire them to pursue such a path. For the past several years, Sam has been part of SCOPE and has visited several high schools to talk to students about his research and career path, as well as how they may have the potential to become part of the scientific community.

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